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The Reign of the Fallen Legion was founded in 2008 by TruckerPete with the hope of making one of the best gaming communities on the Internet. RoFL has evolved over the years from a handful of members into a large gaming community with active, fun, and intellectually engaging members and we hope to foster an atmosphere of healthy competition and deep camaraderie amongst our members. We want more fun-loving and dedicated members that have the desire to be part of something greater than themselves.

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COPY THE IP ADDRESS on any banner to go directly to that server! ♥



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This is my home.

There are many servers, and even more communities, but none like RoFL. They are in a class of their own.


How you can help keep us runnung

As soon as we make the transition to the new servers, I will detail what amount gives you what types of perks in the server :) For now, know that without a doubt ALL subscribers/donators will be taken care of :]

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